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NaNoWriMo Science Fiction Chapter

Because Dorks and Geeks Need Love Too

NaNoWriMo Sci-Fi Chapter
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A NaNoWriMo Community for those writing with a Science Fiction emphasis
I noticed there weren't any communities with a NaNoWriMo focus on science fiction authors so I thought I'd make one were all us sci-fi enthusiast can meet and read each others excerpts and share our interests. This is an open community but a few ground rules are in order here.

1) We are to be friendly people. No flaming others or starting any kind of drama. This is not the place for it.

2)Plagiarism is bad. Don't do it. Everyone borrows themes and ideas from everyone else, this is the nature of writing and creating fiction. But if there is ANY word for word copying or theft of ideas going on you'll be banned and if further action can be taken it will. [Read: Disqualified from NaNo if possible.] Plagiarism is not in the spirit of this event and it's really sad if you need to copy others just to win an online contest that's meant to be only a personal challenge. Seek help.

3) Any excerpts that are posted MUST be in a live journal cut. If you don't know how to make one it's the button at the top of your text edit box that has the squiggly looking line. Hover your mouse over it and it'll say 'live journal cut', if you highlight the text to be cut it'll be put into a link and thus will save us plenty of room on our board and on friend's pages. If you forget and post a long excerpt I'll kindly remind you to edit it into a cut for us and WILL NOT DELETE ANYONE'S POST UNLESS THEY ARE DULY INFORMED. If for some reason you feel that you don't want to make a cut and I've told you it needs to be done, then--and only then--will I delete the post for being excessively long.

4) I am not god. I cannot always keep up with my job, my novel, and this board. I also have no right to bully anyone around [and I really am not a bulling type of individual in the first place]. If you are having difficulties with any member please do not feel as though you can't come to me, I'm happy to try and help. My disclaimer is simply that I can't solve every problem and I do not want to be a dictator to you. With that said I should also say that rules are rules and I will enforce them if anyone gets out of hand, but you are responsible adults, right? I wont need to smack any hands with rulers will I? No? good.

5) Who is welcome here? Anyone! Whether this is your Nth time doing Nano or whether you're a lurker who is trying to come out of the shadows of this daunting project and participate you are welcome here. The theme, however, is going to be predominately Sci-Fi based so if your interests lay in solely the Fantasy realm you may want to go elsewhere but you are certainly welcome to poke around in here.

Aright, enough about rules. The point is to commune with fellow NaNoWriMo'ers who share a taste in the science fiction genre and who want to share their struggles and triumphs during this arduous month. Welcome and god speed finishing that 50K finish line!